Music is Dead

Seriously, has popular music died? Radio stations seem to rely on music from the 70’s – 90’s for their survival. That music WAS classic, but it’s been so overplayed that I cannot stand to hear it again. I feel like the generation who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s made a deal with the devil. The deal was, we get to have the greatest music ever to be the soundtrack of our lives. Beatles, Stones, Hendrix. Boston, Kansas, Journey. Pat Benatar, Blondie, Chrissy Hynde.  We get to have huge outdoor concerts, awesome souvenir shirts, blacklights, and posters on our walls of our heroes.

But the Devil gets to torture us. We have to hear Steve Perry for the rest of our lives. His golden voice will find you in the car,  at work, in the store and finally,  he will be played at your funeral. You will never, ever escape Mick Jagger or Eddie Money. They will waft out of a ceiling speaker at your deathbed in the hospital.

Real musicians have left and in their place we have corporate pop crooners pouring out of our TV’s on Idol shows, Got Talent shows, and all over Youtube. It is instantly generic, disposable, and forgettable.

Yet, I cannot stand to hear another musical note from “The Cars, The Police, or Led Zeppelin.”

I do not know if that music will ever die, but I do know that its killing me to have to hear it every waking day for  the rest of my life.

To me, music is dead.

An Eco Trip

Aging gives you the distance from youth needed for life changing reflection and personal assessment. Mortality becomes a real  issue, especially after you’ve been to a few funerals and realize there might be things you can do reduce your health risks.

Eating less processed foods and consciously choosing organic and natural replacements for everyday items seemed like excellent preventative health maintenance.  Ever the good student, I turned to books for my eco-friendly education. I admire Ed Begley’s approach to eco – living and it gave me some food for thought. He really does reduce, reuse and recycle his resources. After reading 1/2 dozen more books, I realized I didn’t have to live like a vegan to  start living in a more eco friendly way.  I was really looking to find ways to reduce my various allergies without depending on a cabinet full of medicines.

Pesticide Free

I have always had rash and hive prone skin and found that by going to eco-friendly plant based laundry detergent that my skin allergies were greatly reduced. A friend suggested I try organic cotton clothing to keep chemically treated fabrics away from my skin. I scoured the internet and was surprised to find that there are a lot of companies catering to the organic cotton clothing consumer.  First thing I bought was organic socks, boxers, and t-shirts. So far the result has been fantastic. I simply do not get rashes or red splotches on my skin anymore.  I am not a full blown eco disciple  yet, but I am beginning to evangelize the benefits of natural pesticide free food and certified organic cotton clothes.

A Trip To Hawaii

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve become a bit obsessed with year-round good weather. I love warm, sunny weather.  I’m headed to Hawaii for a bit of rest and relaxation. I’m staying in Honolulu in the very touristy trap area of Waikiki.  As much as the crowds can be a bit much,  I like the hotels there, especially the Outrigger Hotel. It’s right on the beach, and no car is  needed there. Restaurants, attractions and shopping are plentiful within walking distance of the hotel and moped rentals can take care of the rest. The itinerary includes hiking, paddle boarding, photography, and possibly a helicopter tour of the volcanoes.  In the evening, the Outrigger has live entertainment  poolside till 10pm with a full bar. Looking forward to this trip.

A Trip to the Animal Shelter

After a while, it became painfully apparent that we really weren’t going to be able to reduce our pet population in the house. For years, we have had 2 birds and 2 house bunnies as pets. Our friendly and happy boy rabbit, “Ricky” had an episode of e-cuniculi  in his youth, a disease that ravages a rabbit’s nervous system. There are treatments, but it’s just a matter of time before it comes back and begins slowly paralyzing the rabbit. Ricky had been treated and survived happily for several years. Then, as he aged, we noticed he was losing his balance. He couldn’t sit up and wash his face and ears with  his paws. Sometimes he would just wobble upright as if he was very dizzy and then crash over backwards, flailing a bit before getting back to his feet.  Matters got worse and one evening,  it appeared that he had a stroke. His hind legs and front legs were paralyzed. He became incontinent. His quality of life was at issue. And then we had to make the awful decision to have him euthanized.

Within a few days, we noticed that his lifelong girlfriend bunny “Lucy” was depressed. She spent most of her hours just lying with her head down on her paws. She hid out of site in her favorite tunnel box. She began eating less, and just didn’t respond to treats or her favorite red leaf lettuce leaves with the usual enthusiasm.  Like her, we were also feeling the loss of our little family member since he passed.

All of our other animals,  a parrot, a cockatiel, and 1st generation of bunnies had been purchased at local pet stores. At the urging of a friend who adopted two dogs from the shelter, we decided to hunt for another rabbit at our local shelter. One mildly warm and breezy Saturday morning we walked down a hallway past the cat room, the noisy dog area, past the bird area, and stood at the back of the building to the rabbit shelter area. About 30 sturdy wire cages on waist high shelves were full of bunnies. Black bunnies, white bunnies, tan bunnies, old and young bunnies were waiting for their forever home.

We knew from prior experience, that is very possible to get a “bad bunny”, one that is aggressive, paranoid, and  prone to biting. They are prey animals after all.  Rabbits have small but razor sharp teeth that will slice a finger open in an instant. We were looking for friendly, playful bunnies.   It had to be a “licky” bunny. We would put our hand out to pet the bunny, if it ran away,  that bunny was a “no”. However, if the bunny licked our fingers and put its head down to be  petted, that bunny was a “yes”.

We ended up with a young, (~6 months old)  neutered bunny with white fur and black and white ears. “Sammy” loves to sprint, jump in the air, and race around the room. He will come for a short petting session and race around again. It was a good trip.

enjoying some playtime